Destiny that you are here?...We don't think so!


Hey everyone! We are Pao & Gera, an enthusiastic team of story planners that feel so honored to be here with you! 

Strangers, friends, partners… Who cares?.. We think we are just one.

Story Planner... 2 words that describe so many feelings for us. But well we better tell you our story.. Story Planner is born from this concern to experience, to know, to connect, to make different stories, but above all, to do what we love and be free.  Hmm sounds interesting right? 

After many years working in the mice industry, of course in different paths, an epic idea arrived at Gerardo´s head.. “Why are there not events that really connect with people? Why does everything have to be the same? Just a small group of events have a real story, most of them are just the same...Some are interesting, others not too much.


So after having worked in different companies, with many people, different ways of thinking, our paths came together and we started working..

From the hand of different “teachers of life” (that's how we name them) we realized that even though you could stay you could also make the brave choice to walk a path that will involve risk and new unknowns but there are times in life where choosing YOU is the best thing to do. And sometimes you have to look at the things you are giving energy to and trust there is so much more ahead of you. By the way THANK YOU. 

 After several changes, several stumbling blocks, several moments of uncertainty we decided to give us time to reconnect with ourselves and remember what really made us happy; we decided to give life to what we LOVE the most.

We can say happily that we have created a friendly and mindful space dedicated to share with all of you our experiences and what is helping us to be more conscious every day. 


Through mindfulness, love and positivity  our commitment is to support you and to transform, heal, elevate and expand as a community, people, culture; just as one, cause we are all one. 

We have different thoughts but in the end our goal is that more people be aware and love each other more and more. Remember don't rush the process, you are doing what you can; take your time, let the magic flow inside of you!

Well.. now it's time to open our hearts to you and share a little more of us…




Gerardo StoryPlanner


I am a mindful seeker always looking for the truth and consciousness through new experiences that make history.

I keep the “mindful mode” which is being happy, smiling and connecting with people sharing kindness and love. 

Sometimes it's hard to express myself but I found the way to give you the best of me. Therefore me and my partner founded StoryPlanner; a special and beloved project which represents ourselves and anyone who wants to share a mindful story.

My mind is always running, thinking and questioning about how can we be different, it's boring to copy someone, when we already different each other, don't you think?

That is why I have been trying a lot of activities and experiences of sales, public relations, corporate and event management, graphic design, business and incentive travels, sponsorships. Aim to discover what I really love.

Thanks to every activity I did now finally this journey has landed on my real passion which is creating, inventing and planning mindful stories all around the world that keep us in the present. So now i'm departing to this new conscious adventure

My soul, it's rebelling ready to awake inspiring and motivating by itself when I come across with a label, song, or movie that reminds me that all the answer and power is inside of me. When I remember that I don't need anything cause I already have everything make me feel a spark inside of me to share this mindful message to all. 

Becoming now in my commitment to generate more consciousness about being aware of the present moment.


Pao StoryPlanner


Paola Rosas: 

Hey! I'm SO glad you are here!

I'm Pao, a proud and happy Story Planner, writing stories all around the world.

But let me tell you my story…. I consider myself a creator, always looking for new stories and people to connect with. But over these 27 years a lot of ups and downs I've spent but always trying to find my way.  

After living in the USA for a while, working in interior design and wedding planner; I can say that was the time where I most found myself, I grew in an unexpected way and now i realized all was part of a higher plan… A process that i'm so thankful and path of getting me here!

I lived the happiest and also the saddest moments, but now i know all was perfect. And after losing my way in the world and experiencing it on my own I returned to Mexico; and it all suddenly clicked for me.

I kept in touch with an old friend and one day I just received a message I was asking without noticing. At that moment I didn't realize I was saying yes to me for the first time. 

I'm so glad I kept fighting for this, because by the way that was the moment I joined “Story Planner.” I can tell you it has been a long and worth process of transformation, healing, forgiving and loving myself, but at the end it has become united in one. 

Expressing myself, how I live, eat and work is my mindful message. It's all connected now, all make sense and with a message and purpose i hadn't had before. 

This is me, this is you, this is us; we are all one… Hope to meet you soon, 



We believe in Make History creating a movement that spreads the message of living the present, for those mindful seekers. 




Av. Patria 2085

Puerta de Hierro 45116

Zapopan, Jal.