The Story Behind · 07 mayo 2019
We were invited to the Events & Meeting section of the magical world of Disney. We
Press · 02 mayo 2019
Brand Experience of MINI Cooper at the launch party of the Adolf Horn Price. Enjoy the #MiniExperience

The Story Behind · 29 abril 2019
We where behind the scenes and behind​ the story of this magnificent event that took place in Punta de Mita
Departures: Next Destination · 07 marzo 2019
A few months ago at IBTM americas, we met Oliver Frenette, representative of the c2 event in Montreal. We fell in love with the event and decided to work together so that people in Jalisco Mexico would know about c2 montreal and come to the event. We organized several events where we could count on the presence of Oliver and entrepreneurs of Jalisco, government personnel and entrepreneurs. To invite them to live this event of unique and unmissable international stature. Check it out the post on...

Departures: Next Destination · 07 febrero 2019
C2 Montreal; No. 1 event in Canada is cooming and Mexico are invited.
Story Planner Experiences · 16 enero 2019