Goat Yoga

Yoga Goat - C2 Collaboration and Photo by Arianne Bergeron
Yoga Goat - C2 Collaboration and Photo by Arianne Bergeron


Yoga with Goats?


Sounds interesting right?… Have you tried?



Well in my experience when I saw that in C2 Montréal was a space for practicing every morning I was kind of intrigued to know more about it. So I decided to try it! 


But let me introduce you to this kind of Yoga.. it's also known as “Caprine Vinyasa ''..  And all begins as a new type of yoga that focuses on creating a balance between the yogis and nature so why not interact with babies and unusual animals? 

It consists of some poses or asanas that started with beginners level and open to every skill level.. But I have to admit that it was a different challenge than normal, while I was trying to keep the pose this baby animal climbed over me; Of course I was nervous and I didn’t know what to do…but at the end I had a great time. And I realized the concentration was the most important game. 



This was a new experience for me where I found out that it was a  humbling lesson about different forces of nature and life energies coming together. 


I can say it took me out of my comfort zone and relieve the stress that appears at the beginning. 



So if you have the opportunity to try it, don’t think twice, try it and live the moment, that’s all we have!


Story by: @Pao.mhsp

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